26 affordable pipe shelves ideas

DIY pipe shelves

Shelving systems are a classic when it comes to DIY projects. Almost every DIYer we know has already built one! Because building your own pipe shelves comes with great perks like giving you the possibility to adapt the dimensions and the number of shelves to your space and storage needs, you might be looking to build your own too.

All the DIY pipes and fittings shelves ideas shown below are easy to build with tinktube’s structural system -and they’re affordable too!-. Choose the color of tubes and fittings that best fit your decor and buy your favorite type of surface from any local hardware store or order online!

1. Home storage organizer

That’s right, you can use our tubes and connectors to create custom storage without compromising on its appearance.

DIY Closet Organizer

These storage shelves provide enough space to organize all the items and clothing you own, plus give your room a “wow” effect. Here you will find all the steps to make your custom wardrobe, walk-in closet, or pantry.

2. Home gym storage shelves

Since the temporary closure of the fitness centres, many of us have had to redouble our creativity to stay active. Having healthy habits requires the right equipment, however! These wall shelves are made with stainless steel tubes, from which you can hang exercise balls, free weights, skipping ropes and more! You can adapt it to your space.

Gym wall-mounted rack

3. DIY storage shelves for decorative items

If you like to collect beautiful items, you’ll love this idea. These shelves are imposing and can dress up a large wall in your room while creating additional storage space. They can be installed in your living room as well as in your dining room to display your most beautiful pottery and paintings.

Photo credits: The Design Twins

4. DIY TV cabinet

Rather than buying a TV cabinet from a big box store, you can make it yourself with our tubes and connectors. In addition to saving dollars, you can design this piece of furniture to meet your needs. This structure is much more than just a TV cabinet! You could add attractive wicker baskets or attach climbing plants to your shelves.

Photo credits : Etsy

5. DIY hanging shelf for clothing

This hanging shelf is particularly useful in the laundry room. By attaching a tube under the shelf, you’ll have a place to hang your clothes to dry. This simple project is ideal for first-timers to tinktube!

Photo credits: DIY pipe shelves

6. DIY wall shelving for plants

Do you have a green thumb? A creative mind? Are you good with your hands? This wall decoration project is ideal for you. This example is proof that it is possible to create wall shelves of varying lengths using tubes and connectors. You can use our tube-cutter to cut your material to create a “wall of plants” as you like.

Photo credits: Etsy

7. Custom shoe storage shelving

When the kids come home from school or daycare, your entryway can quickly become quite a disaster. These custom-built shelves are great for storing boots, sneakers, and high heels.

Photo credits: Etsy

You will find all the material required to build this project on our online store.

8. DIY wall shelves for a mini bar

These wall shelves are unique and can serve as a mini bar. Its creator bored a hole in the wood through which to insert a tube and connect all the shelves. This ingenious idea can be replicated for any storage shelf!

Photo credits: Pinterest

9. DIY corner storage shelf

This angled storage shelf is ideal for avid readers or collectors of objects. This detailed plan shows you how to install light bulbs above the shelves to showcase your favourite items.

Photo credits: Instructables

These wall shelves, built at an angle, can store dozens – even hundreds – of items thanks to its four rows of shelving.

10. Kitchen storage shelf

Not all kitchens have enough storage to organize dishes, cooking tools and utensils. However, these shelves can be custom-built for your needs.

Photo credits: And Christina.com

Thanks to its clean and simple design, this wood and steel structure adds a modern touch to your kitchen’s decor.

11. DIY stainless steel tube trolley

This four-shelf trolley can be placed in smaller areas. It can be used for the kitchen as well as for the paint shop or the bathroom.

Photo credits: The Pipe Market.com

Pssst! We recommend that you attach swivel casters to this trolley to be able to move it as you wish.

12. Industrial-look storage shelves

Unlike most storage shelving, this one is attached to the floor rather than the wall. Use a little imagination and tailor this furniture to your needs. For example, you could leave more space between shelves, make them larger or smaller, or add or subtract a shelf

Photo credits: The Golden Sycamor

13. DIY spice racks

The shelves you build can be used to organize a variety of things, including spices or essential oils. Since tinktube tubes can be cut to different lengths, you can build a shelf for smaller items.

Photo credits: www.etsy.com

14. DIY wall bookcase

Thanks to our 92’’ tubes, there’s no limit to what you can build. You could touch the sky (or almost!) by juxtaposing the tubes with our connectors. 

Photo credits: A2048.com

If your dream library looks like one from a Harry Potter movie, you’ll be inspired by this example!

15. Sylvain’s DIY wall-mounted shelving system

Created and built by Sylvain, one of our very first tubetinkers, this DIY wall-mounted shelving system showcases black tubes, black connectors, and wood surfaces! Perfect for a living room or a bedroom environment, it combines industrial and rustic styles.

Interested in building these wall-mounted shelves? Here is the free plan.

16. DIY pipe shelves

This shelving system is perfect for almost any type of environment. We recommend drafting a plan and adapting the measurements of the shelves to your specific room dimensions. Choosing the right color of tubes and fittings will also make a big difference in your home decor.

Interested in building these wall-mounted shelves? Here is the free plan.

17. DIY wall-mounted pots rack

A great and simple way to organize your kitchen with DIY industrial projects is to fix tubes to the wall and use hooks to hang the pots, coffee mugs, or other kitchen items to it.

19. DIY wood shelving system

This DIY pipes, fittings and wood shelving system is entirely built with tinktube! Its sleek design makes it perfect for a living room.

20. Laundry room DIY pipe shelves

Adding DIY pipe shelves in your laundry room is a great way to easily create extra storage space for your cleaning supplies! Make sure to choose melamine or plastic surface if you plan to place bottles on the shelf. That way, you’ll avoid spoiling the surface if you spill products on it.

21. DIY pantry organizer

Have you ever wasted precious time looking for an ingredient in your pantry? Get inspired by this storage system made of tinktube white pipes and connectors.

22. Ben’s custom shelving system

Ben needed extra storage in his office and thought about tinktube materials to build his own custom shelves. He drew up his plan and used white pipes, black connectors, and wood surfaces. Isn’t the final result simply magnificent!?

23. Marie-Ève’s open walk-in closet idea

What do you do when you have lots of clothes? You do just like Marie-Ève: you build a DIY walk-in organizer that fits your room’s wall to make sure you maximize your storage space!

24. Nicolas’ DIY wall-mounted bar shelves

Nicolas is a businessman from Quebec, Canada who built his own wall-mounted shelving system. He used the shelves to display some of the products he sells in his office: bottles of high quality vodka, made in Quebec!

DIY Bar Shelf

25. Jacob’s custom closet shelves

Here’s a delectable image for lovers of tidy spaces: Jacob optimized his closet space by creating custom closet shelves with tinktube! He took the measurements of his closet and designed his plans according to the space he had. Great project!

26. Benjamin and Audrey’s walk-in pantry DIY shelving system

Benjamin and Audrey built their tiny house themselves. To use 100% of their walk-in pantry and its cathedral ceiling, they designed custom shelves with tinktube.

“I didn’t know about tinktube and I was impressed with how sturdy and easy it is to work with. I was able to customize my shelves to fit my space, giving a nice industrial look to my new home. My guests all ask me what it is!” – Benjamin

We’re glad you liked these pipe shelves ideas! For more inspiration, we suggest you take look at our affordable DIY pipe closet ideas.

Adapt this project with the tinkpad!

Draw your project with this free printable tool which includes an isometric grid and our best tips to get started.

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