Cale en plastique pour niveler surfaces

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  • Idéal pour niveler les surfaces
  • Peut être utilisé comme bouchons
  • Sois créatif
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Pour des conduits EMT (3/4 po), Pour des tubes tinktube (1 1/16 po)

8 avis pour Cale en plastique pour niveler surfaces

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    Vincent (client confirmé)

    caQuebec, Canada

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    Michel Richard (client confirmé)

  3. Anglais

    Eoin (client confirmé)

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    Brent (client confirmé)

    These are also useful (if screwed to, e.g., a board) for providing an easily removable placement or cover, e.g. at the bottom end of a hinged flap.

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    Minh Huynh (client confirmé)

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    Anonymous (client confirmé)

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    Shelby D. (client confirmé)

    I used a shim to mark my pipes for cutting. Works well, and creates a perfectly straight line.

  8. Anglais

    Gordon H. (client confirmé)

    TinkTube is an excellent product for rapidly prototyping your ideas into strong, attractive structures.
    I love that you can build almost anything using just a tape measure, marker, pipe cutter and one T wrench!
    And it is quick and easy to modify and adapt rapidly when you need to mount a new projector quickly, as I did one night.
    Ordering is easy and delivery fast, and TinkTube will even help you on your first design with hands on help from Estaban as he did for me
    for my first projector cage mount. I highly recommend TinkTube for anyone who likes to design and build your own structures.

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