Step 2.

Define your cut list

There’s a difference between the global dimensions of your project and the length of the tubes that will be inserted between the joints. Once you learn how to calculate the pipe length, you’re good to go!

Learn how to calculate the pipe length and plan the exact number of tubes you’ll need to build your project. All you need to know is in this video!

Learn the 2-inch cutting rule ?

The pipes need to be cut a few inches shorter than the actual dimensions of the structure. It’s crucial to understand this rule to calculate the number of pipes you’ll need.

Determine how many pipes you’ll need

Once you know the total length of pipe you need, you can determine how many pipes to buy for your project -knowing the full-length tubes are 92″-.

Step 3.

Pick your parts

tinktube’s shop has a wide variety of pipes, joints, accessories, and tools! Esteban walks you through the different products and options in this video, guiding you through the shop to make it easier for you to plan your project.

Psst: The pipe cutter and the Allen wrench are the MVPs of all builds! Make sure to grab each of those if you don’t already have them at home.


You can choose between 4 kinds of pipes. Paint the galvanized pipes for a custom look!


Browse across more than 35 different connectors to build your unique DIY project.

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Accessories and tools

You’ll need a pipe cutter and an allen wrench to build your project.

f s812 half inch accessories screw for surfaces

Safety first! Self tap screws and anchors are the ultimate way to build a safe project.

Step 4.

Build your project

This is where the fun begins! Cut the pipes, assemble the connectors, tighten the bolts, repeat. You’ll realize how easy it is once you’ve watched Esteban build his project.

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