Required Tools

There are 2 main tools you’ll need when building with EMT conduit and connectors:

You might need other tools if you want to add surfaces to your project (to cut or paint a tabletop, for example). But if your project only involves pipes and fittings, you’ll be OK with just the two!

Cutting pipes using the t-cutter is easy – anyone can do it in about 2 minutes! Read our article on how to cut emt conduit or watch Esteban guide you through the process in this short video:

Assembling connectors with an Allen wrench is also easy and takes a few seconds, especially once you get used to doing it. And because all connectors are different, we’ve put together a playlist that shows how to assemble the most popular connectors!

The Best Alternative to EMT Conduit

Building with tinktube’s 1 1/16” (28 mm) galvanized pipes is a stronger, faster and cheaper alternative to 1 inch EMT Conduit.

The advantages of using tinktube are numerous:

  • The pipes are fully compatible with our connectors, which means you won’t need to use 3/4″ EMT adapter for pipe connector when using tinktube’s pipes, unlike you would with ¾ in. EMT conduit.
  • The pipes are shipped directly to you, so you won’t need a trip to the store to get them. If you plan on buying connectors and / or the tools online too, this means you’ll get everything you need to build your project, without leaving the comfort of your home!
  • tinktube’s pipes are stronger: in fact, a well-built tinktube structure can hold up to 2000 lbs! Of course, it has to be designed in a way that allows such a heavy load. If you have a specific project in mind, we’ve put together this guide to help you calculate the loading capacity of your structure.
  • You can use all the accessories provided by tinktube to make your project more complete (see section below).
  • Last but not least, the price of the galvanized tube is lower than 1 in. EMT conduit per inch.

Other Options

For some projects, you may be looking for another type of finish or even other color options. Apart from the galvanized tubes, 3 other colors are available at tinktube:

Tubes as well as connectors can also easily be painted with Posca markers too, if you are interested in customizing your project even more!

tinktube Tubes Conduit Accessories

To complement your build, many accessories are available online. These accessories will make it easy for you to add specific features to your project, like making a removable section, adding wheels, fixing surfaces to your project or fixing it to the wall or the floor. The top 5 accessories are listed below:

  • The quick release latch.
  • The wheels (2’’ or 4’’).
  • The anchors
  • The clamps
  • The AO-Shim

EMT Conduit
Project Ideas

If you finished in the top of your class, you already know that EMT conduit is used primarily in the electrical industry. But, you also probably know that EMT conduit can be used to build shelving, an awning, a stair railing, even a living room cabinet, and much more!

Thanks to the versatility and many possibilities provided by custom projects, they’re the perfect avenue for creative people looking for solutions or new projects!

Tinktube connectors are compatible with EMT conduit, thanks to the 3/4″ EMT adapter for pipe connector. If this combination of building materials sounds like a good idea to you, you’ll find genius examples if you click the button below!

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