A Complete Guide to tinktube’s Connectors and Fittings Compatibility

Compatibility Chart for tinktube and Common Pipe Materials 

This chart provides an at-a-glance view of how different materials align with tinktube’s connectors. While some materials are stated as not compatible with tinktube, you might be able to use your creativity to make it work, with tricks such as using a tape shim with 1” Aluminium Pipe, for example.   

MaterialOutside diameter (in.)Inside diameter (in.)tinktube Connectors Compatibilitytinktube Accessories CompatibilityNotes
tinktube pipe 1.063 0.906Fully CompatibleFully CompatibleRecommended usage  
¾” EMT Conduit 0.9220.824Fully Compatible with EMT-ADPTR34Fully Compatible with EMT-ADPTR34An adapter is required for the accessories to fit properly with this material. 
1” Wooden Dowel 1CompatibleCompatibleSuitable for aesthetic, light-duty applications. Not intended for heavy-load or structural support. 
¾” PVC Pipe 1.050.75Compatible with AdjustmentsCompatible with AdjustmentsMay require additional tightening 
½”EMT Conduit0.7060.622Not CompatibleNot Compatible
1” EMT Conduit1.1631.163Not CompatibleNot Compatible
1” Aluminium pipe1.3151.049Not CompatibleNot Compatible

Your Best Option: tinktube pipes and connectors  

While various materials can be interconnected, tinktube pipes and connectors stand out as the ideal choice for sturdy, structural projects. The compatibility and strength inherent in tinktube’s own materials ensure reliable and robust constructions.

Additionally, with over 30 specialized accessories designed to complement the tinktube system, users have the freedom to tailor their projects to specific needs while maintaining structural integrity. This makes tinktube not just a versatile choice, but the optimal one for projects demanding durability and precision. 

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Do you prefer building with EMT Conduits? Not a problem

Seamless Integration: Using ¾ EMT Conduits with tinktube Connectors and Accessories

Integrating ¾ EMT conduits with tinktube’s connectors is made effortless with the innovative ¾ EMT adapter. This adapter is designed to fit snugly onto standard ¾ EMT conduits, ensuring a stable and secure connection when used with tinktube connectors.

The process is simple: just snap the adapter onto the conduit, then attach your chosen connector. This compatibility extends tinktube’s versatility, making it an ideal solution for DIY enthusiasts who prefer using readily available ¾ EMT conduits from hardware stores. Discover more about using ¾ EMT conduits with tinktube. 

EMT Conduit Fittings: The DIYers Ultimate Guide

Everything there is to know about tinktube’s connectors and pipe fittings.

What about wood and PVC ?

1” Wooden Dowel and ¾” PVC Pipe are compatible

1” Wooden Dowel and ¾” PVC Pipe are good options for lightweight structures in many situations, such as gardening or indoor. Keep in mind that they won’t be as strong as tinktube and not recommended for structural builds.  

Practical Considerations and Safety

While creativity in using various materials with tinktube connectors is encouraged, it’s important to be cognizant of potential risks. Always consider the structural integrity and safety of your modifications. Be aware that custom adaptations may carry certain risks and responsibilities which you should fully understand before proceeding.

Resources and Further Learning

For those looking to dive deeper, tinktube’s website offers comprehensive information on using EMT conduits with their connectors, along with other valuable resources.

Selecting the right pipes and understanding their compatibility with tinktube connectors is fundamental in DIY projects. This guide aims to equip you with the knowledge to make informed choices, ensuring successful and durable builds.

Community Engagement and Experience Sharing

We welcome you to share your tinktube project experiences. Whether you’ve found inspiration from others or developed unique ideas, your insights can spark creativity across our community. This space is for you to showcase your work, exchange tips, and learn from fellow DIY enthusiasts. Together, let’s build a collaborative and inspiring environment for all.

Common questions about tinktube’s connectors compatibility

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