EMT Conduit Fittings: The DIYers Ultimate Guide

Structural Pipe Fittings is the Way

Like the code and ideals of a Mandalorian, Structural pipe fittings is the way for us DIYers. They are designed to make the building process straightforward and accessible to individuals regardless of their skill level in construction or DIY projects. Here’s why they represent the easiest way to build:

1. No Specialized Skills Required:

Unlike traditional construction that may require welding, cutting, or threading, structural pipe fittings are designed for simple, bolt-together construction. This means anyone can use them effectively with minimal training or experience.

2. Versatile and Reconfigurable:

These fittings are highly adaptable. They can be used to build a wide variety of structures, from furniture to storage solutions to garden setups. Plus, if you make a mistake or want to change your design, you can easily disassemble and reconfigure the parts.

3. Strong and Durable Connections:

The fittings create strong joints that can handle significant weight and stress, making them suitable for both light- and heavy-duty applications. The reliability of the connection is as robust as traditional methods.

4. No Need for Complex Tools:

Most structural pipe fittings can be tightened and secured with simple hand tools like an Allen wrench or a T-handle wrench. There’s no need for power tools or expensive equipment.

5. Time-Saving:

Because they are so easy to work with, structural pipe fittings greatly reduce the time it takes to assemble a project. You can go from concept to completion much faster than with traditional construction methods.

6. Accessible and Easy to Source:

Structural pipe fittings are widely available in hardware stores or through online shop like tinktube. This availability makes it easy to start a project quickly without long lead times for materials.

7. Aesthetically Pleasing:

With a range of styles and finishes, structural pipe fittings not only provide strength and functionality but can also add an industrial or modern aesthetic to your project.

8. Expandable and Modular:

As your needs grow or change, structures built with pipe fittings can be easily expanded or modified. This modularity ensures that your project can evolve over time without the need for complete reconstruction.

Using structural pipe fittings, virtually anyone can undertake a DIY project with confidence, knowing that they can achieve professional results with ease. Whether it’s for a custom desk, a shelving unit, or an art installation, structural pipe fittings provide an accessible pathway to turning your ideas into reality.

Get inspired by our community projects with our EMT Structural Pipe Fittings

Here is a list of applications and projects using EMT or tinktube structural pipe fittings which can be used to build a variety of DIY structures. 

Structural Pipe T-Connector

The T-Connector is one of the most used connector. Ideal for joining two tubes to make a perpendicular connection. A must-have for all your structures.

HJ-1 Connector Set
Getting Started with the T-Connector

Ultimate T-Connector
Building Guide

See how this structural pipe fitting can transform your structures and your projects!


3-Way Cross Joint

This fitting is used where three tubes meet at the same point, but not necessarily at the same angle, allowing for a T-structure with an additional connecting point on the same plane or at a right angle​​.

HJ-2K Connector set
emt conduit fittings 3 way connector

4-Way Cross Joint

Useful when you need to connect four tubes at a single point, providing stability and options for multi-level or multi-axis structures, such as shelving units or complex framework​​.

HJ-3 Connector Set
4 way cross emt conduit fitting

5-Way Cross Joint

When you have a need to connect five tubes at one point, which can be central to creating complex multi-plane structures or bases for objects like lamps or stands​​.

HJ-5 Connector Set
5 way cross structure pipe fittings

90 degree Structural Elbow Pipe Connector

These are used to connect two tubes at a right angle and are essential for frames, legs, or any structure that requires a sharp bend​​.

HJ-90 Connector Set
90 degree fix pipe fitting

45 degree Fix Angle Joint

Suitable for creating angled connections between tubes, which can be useful for bracing or for structures that require a slope, like a bike rack or an angled stand​​ like a solar panel support.

HJ-17 Connector Set
45 degree pipe fitting for structures

Flat Clamp Connector

Allows you to attach a tube to a flat surface, which could be used for mounting a structure to a wall or joining a pipe to a flat base​​.

HJ-15 Connector Set
flat clamp ancho for pipe fitting

Pivot T-Connector

Gives the ability to create adjustable angles between tubes, adding versatility to structures that may need to change angles or be collapsible​​. Adjustable from 0 degrees up to 180 degrees, this connector is very versatile.

HJ-6 Connector Set
pivot t connector emt conduit connectors

Flat Anchor Connector

Can be used to anchor a structure to the floor or another flat surface, providing a stable base for things like outdoor fixtures or furniture​​.

HJ-9 Connector Set
flat anchor pipe fittings

Why use tinktube connectors?

Flexibility! We have created many connectors, available in a black or chrome finish, that will enable you to build just about any DIY construction project. 

Ease! Even though they were designed to assemble tinktube tubes, our connectors can also be used to assemble 3/4″ EMT conduit, thanks to the EMT adapter. There is no discrimination here! Just select “For 3/4″ EMT conduits” option on a connector or accessory product page before adding it to your cart.

Budget-friendly options! Our EMT conduit-compatible connectors can be used to build any project, without having to mortgage your home. As our connectors are very affordable, they’ll save you from having to go through the family’s board of directors before carrying out your DIY project!

Choosing between classic EMT conduit fittings and tinktube’s structural pipe fittings boils down to the scope and requirements of your DIY project. 

Still deciding which fittings you need?

If your project demands cost-effectiveness and straightforward, linear or angular structures, such as simple frames or supports, classic EMT fittings might be the ideal choice due to their affordability and wide availability. These are particularly suitable for projects that do not require frequent reconfiguration or complex designs.

On the other hand, if your project is more complex, requires high customization, or if you desire a more modern aesthetic with the flexibility to reconfigure, tinktube’s structural fittings would be more advantageous.

They are designed for ease of assembly and structural integrity, accommodating a wide range of designs from furniture to elaborate frameworks. The initial investment might be higher compared to classic EMT fittings, but the ease of use, time savings, and versatility can justify the extra cost, especially for multi-functional or dynamic DIY projects.

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