35 Unique DIY Furniture Ideas

DIY furniture ideas

2. Julien’s coffee table

Julien’s living room is much better now that the coffee table of his dreams is in it! He put a barn wood surface with integrated storage on top of the structure so he could hide the remote control from the kids -they’re still young and easy to trick-! He also fixed wheels on it so he could move it around easily -the kids also use it as a walking trainer sometimes-. To learn more about Julian’s DIY living room table project, check out the article we wrote about his story here!

DIY coffee table with pipe and fittings and wood surface - DIY furniture

3. DIY angled leg console

I have to say this is one of my favorite pieces of tinktube furniture! This angled leg console combines both modern and industrial looks, but the copper tubes still bring a warm finish to it! Looking forward to seeing how tubetinkers will adapt this project to suit their own environment. What a great DIY furniture project!

Angled leg console - DIY furniture

Interested in building this angled leg console? Here is the free plan.

4. DIY furniture: pipes and fittings table

Another great example of DIY furniture projects that combine both warmth and industrial looks: this dining table looks awesome with white pipes.

5. A versatile coffee table

Among our DIY furniture ideas, this one is greast! This coffee table with an integrated removable tv dinner table? Of course, it’s possible, with pipes and fittings. And it looks good too!

6. Mario’s entryway shoe rack bench

Mario’s entryway shoe rack bench is a great way to make the most of your space while hiding the shoes underneath the surface of the bench!

DIY entryway shoe rack bench

7. A DIY changing table

What happens when the wife of an enthusiastic tubetinker gives birth to a baby? He builds a changing table with pipes and fittings.

DIY changing table - DIY furniture

8. DIY gaming desk with pipes and fittings

If you are looking for gaming station inpirations, this might spark some great ideas!

9. DIY living room table

Made with tubes, connectors, and a big butcher block, this great piece of furniture can be used as a kitchen island as well as a living room table! Interested in building your own kitchen island? You’ll find some DIY kitchen island ideas and a few pieces of advice in this article: 5 things to consider before building a DIY kitchen island.

10. Marie-Claude’s outdoor sofa on wheels

Outdoor DIY furniture is a must, especially when you have a patio or a big backyard to organize! Marie-Claude built her own outdoor sofa on wheels, with tubes and fittings. Are you interested in building your own?

Interested in building this outdoor sofa? Here is the free plan.

11. Custom TV stand

Some will tell you that the kitchen is the centerpiece of a home, but at tinktube, we’ll tell you that the living room is just as important. This is the place the whole family gathers to relax or have fun, right?

DIY TV Stand
DIY TV Stand

Whether you have chosen to install your TV in the living room or in the basement, you’ll need furniture to suit your needs. To make it easier for you to complete this family project, we have created a simple and detailed plan that you will find here.

This TV stand has a refined look, is pliable, and can be built quickly using tubes and connectors. One of the greater DIY furniture ideas we’ve got!

12. Multifunctional garage workbench

Is your garage cluttered, with screws and nails jumbled together and hammers and screwdrivers lying around? If you’re (finally) ready to tidy up your tools, you can use tinktube to build a custom workbench with storage.

The beauty of this is that you can modify it any way you like. For example, you can add casters, use longer tubes, and install a wider or deeper surface. This workbench is all yours!

13. DIY storage cabinet

Whether you are looking to store your old vinyl records or organize your books, Ben has created a custom storage shelving system.

DIY shelving system with pipes and fittings

This magnificent unit can be easily customized to create the perfect shelves in your own home!

14. Custom recording studio table

Are there musicians in the room? As tinktube tubes and connectors have been designed to create uniquely specific projects, it shouldn’t be surprising to see artists from all walks of life working on uniquely specific projects!

You can draw inspiration from this free industrial table plan to design a music recording table from scratch. In this example, Eric added a sliding surface upon which to house a piano keyboard. How far will your imagination take you?

15. Tailor-made clothing rack

Your closet can quickly become a jumble, especially if you’re short on space (and
organization). Thanks to tinktube, you can build an attractive and sturdy clothing
rack, with storage boxes or swivel casters. To complete this simple project, you will need galvanized tubes, chrome connectors, and swivel casters.

16. DIY industrial floor lamp

There is less natural light during the wintertime, so now is the perfect time to envelop your home in a soft atmosphere, by lighting candles or dimming the living room lighting.

DIY industrial floor lamp

If you’re like us, you like things to be done your way. This is why the tinktube team has devised a plan to create an industrial floor lamp. This is an opportunity to add a personalized touch to your decor.

17. DIY playroom table

Have your children developed the habit of taking over the kitchen table for their
creative activities? Thanks to tinktube, you can create an attractive personalized space for them.

This example can easily be adapted to fit the exact dimensions of your little DIYers’ playroom.

18. Custom-made garden furniture

Many of you revived your passion for gardening last summer. The tinktube team also has a green thumb! To help you reap better harvests during the warm season, we have designed a comprehensive plan to build a greenhouse using our tubes and connectors.

This structure is flexible and can be adjusted according to the space available in your backyard. And you can install a plastic cover over your greenhouse.

19. DIY bar stools

Your bar counter will have never looked so good with these stools you’ve made yourself. You can choose the colour of the tubes you want, according to your decor, and add a wood or fabric seat covering.

diy bar stools
Crédit photos: Etsy

The tinktube tubes are available in white, black, copper or chrome.

20. Custom bed

Let yourself fall into a deep slumber! After all, you deserve it! If you’ve always dreamed of having a four-poster bed, now is the time. tinktube tubes are sturdy enough to handle your snoring, but make sure you check out the capacity chart to build a structure that’s going to be strong enough to support the weight.

21. A Changing Table

To be able to work from home, Sylvain initially built himself a tinktube office desk. This piece of furniture eventually evolved into something else when his first child arrived, as he chose to convert it into a multifunctional changing table.

Our tinktuber used steel tubes, connectors and drawer slides to insert boxes, which he built to measure. So, Clara baby’s diapers and clothes are organized under this multifunctional changing table. At tinktube (just like at Sylvain), nothing is lost, everything is transformed!

DIY furniture 21

22. A Playpen

Did the stork knock on your door? Let’s be real, the arrival of a first child means that many new items need to be bought, which can get pretty expensive. By designing and building your child’s furniture yourself, you can save money. You’ll then be able to use it for the little one’s studies instead, a family trip or something else!

This playpen can later be converted into a play tent or a children’s beach tent.

DIY furniture 22

23. A Custom-Made Pergola

Let’s make one thing clear: our tinktuber Mitch may not have a green thumb (pictured above), that doesn’t stop him from being a very skilled builder. As proof, he made a pergola with tubes and connectors. This type of pergola can be built for the home as well as for the camper van, because our materials are easily adaptable.
Here is a free plan to build a tinktube retractable awning.

DIY furniture 23

24. A Kitchen Island

The kitchen island is the perfect place for quick meals, drinks, homework and chatting with your family and friends. At tinktube, we support you in the good (and not so good) moments of everyday life. We provide you with all the necessary materials to build a custom kitchen island and thus, build all the memories that come with it.
If you’re thinking about building your own kitchen island, read this for useful tips!

DIY furniture 24

25. A DIY Swivel Table

Whether working in the car, eating in front of the TV, or reading in bed, this swivel table was designed to meet all your needs! Our tinktubers quickly understood that the strength of this piece of furniture lays in its versatility.
Check out 97 Customs’ swivel table build story!

DIY furniture 25

26. A DIY Lego Table

Let’s be honest: There is nothing more painful in the world than stepping on a lego. You  van easily put an end to this torture by building a games table which allows you to store the legos. Simple to build, this piece of furniture can be adapted to the height of your kids, too.

Feeling creative? The table can also be used as space for puzzles or playing cards.
Here is a free plan for building it.

DIY furniture 26

27. A Storage Unit for Skis

Pierre had enough of the skis lying around in the garage, so he built a custom storage system. In addition to allowing better organization of his skis, this piece of furniture allows you to dry sports equipment. He decided to add removable tinktube wheels to go from garage to car more easily!

DIY furniture 27

28. A DIY Bathroom Vanity

Our tinktuber had the idea to build his bathroom vanity with tubes and tinktube connectors. He chose to make a plan for a small vanity, but this one can very well be adapted for a larger space.

DIY furniture 28

29. A Television Cabinet

Our tinktuber Derek didn’t break his head when he wanted to get a TV stand. He figured that a wood shelf, chosen with the dimensions of his game consoles, would more than meet his needs. We very much agree with him!

DIY furniture 29

30. A Retractable Coffee Table

Our tinktubeur Mickaël already had a coffee table, but it did not suit his needs. Maintaining the original dimensions of it, he built a retractable extension with tubes and tinktube connectors.

Mitch cofee table 1

31. A Learning Tower

Have you given birth to a future cook? This learning tower, designed in tubes and connectors, will serve as a stepladder for your apprentice to follow you in your cooking ventures!

DIY furniture 31

32. A DIY Library

Are you the type to collect novels or shoes? No matter what your preferences are, this library will be used to bring some order to your life.

DIY furniture 32
photo credit: instructables.com

33. A Side Table Made of Tubes

By combining different materials, such as barn wood and industrial tubes, you will get a unique piece of furniture! You can replicate this side table using the black tubes and connectors found on our online store.

DIY furniture 33
photo credit: etsy.com

34. A DIY Mini Bar

This piece of furniture can serve as a mini bar as well as a kitchen service! It can be used as much for parties as storing your most beautiful dishes.

Photo credit: imgur.com

35. A Tailor-Made Wine Cellar

This corner storage cabinet was designed for storing wine bottles, but it can also be adapted for any object! Just find storage boxes and then buy your steel pipes from our online store. Happy tasting!

DIY furniture 35
Photo credit: www.pinterest.com

Did you like our DIY furniture ideas? Let yourself be inspired some more with our affordable DIY pipe closet ideas.

Adapt this project with the tinkpad!

Draw your project with this free printable tool which includes an isometric grid and our best tips to get started.


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