Tee connector black fitting set

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  • Tee connector is a black painted metal joint set that consists of (x2) H-1, (x2) M6-25B bolts, and (x2) M6- N nuts
  • Can be assembled in a T-shape or as a corner with 28mm (1-1/16″) pipe using just a 5 mm Allen key
  • Make it an emt connector by combining it with an EMT-ADPTR34 to join with 3/4″ emt conduit
  • E-coated paint for a lasting finish that will stand up to outdoor environments
  • Don’t forget all our joint sets are 100% Re-tinkable!
Weight 0.315 lbs
Intended usage

For tinktube pipes (1-1/16 inch), For 3/4" EMT conduits (Adaptor included)

Length inches

3 1/4 in (83 mm)

Width inches

1 5/16 in (33 mm)

Steel thickness inches

1/8 in (2.5 mm)


Hot rolled steel (SPHC)

Steel treatment

Black cathodic electrodeposition (Ecoating)



UV Resistance


Corrosion resitance






System operational temperature

-148°F to 572°F (-100°C to 300°C)

3/4'' EMT compatibility

Yes, with an EMT-ADPTR34

1/2'' EMT compatibility


1'' EMT compatiblity


25 reviews for Tee connector black fitting set

  1. French

    Vincent (verified owner)

    caQuebec, Canada

    Très solide, polyvalent et simple à utiliser.

  2. English

    Anonymous (verified owner)


    Great connectors, solid and easy to install

  3. French

    Anonyme (verified owner)

    caQuebec, Canada

  4. English

    Michael F. (verified owner)

    usGeorgia, United States

  5. English

    ERIC H. (verified owner)

    usPennsylvania, United States

    Great product, easy to use and well made

  6. English

    Michael Finnegan (verified owner)

  7. French

    Dominique Duchesne (verified owner)

    caQuebec, Canada

  8. English

    Igor K. (verified owner)

    usUnited States

    Tinktube connectors fit 3/4″ PVC schedule 40 pipes without shims, hold strong. I built a frame for bird net for fruit trees.

  9. English

    Danny Vitullo (verified owner)

    caQuebec, Canada

  10. English

    Gabriel (verified owner)

    usCalifornia, United States

    The connector worked well for my application, but took me some time to realize that the interlock design is for a smaller diameter pipe and needs to be assembled without interlocking.

  11. English

    Douglas Jones (verified owner)

    usTexas, United States

    tinktube products are great too work with, the possibilities are endless. My photo is of a work in progress; it’s a hanging light fixture. I’ll post more pics when it’s finished!

    Image #1 from Douglas Jones
    Image #2 from Douglas Jones
  12. English

    Douglas Jones (verified owner)

    usTexas, United States

    I build custom lamps. I needed one more tee to complete the project and tinktube saved the day! Excellent product and fun to work with. I will be designing light fixtures made with tinktube in the future!

  13. French

    Maxime P. (verified owner)

    caQuebec, Canada

  14. French

    Anonyme (verified owner)

    caQuebec, Canada

    Abordable et facilité d’assemblage.

    Image #1 from Anonyme
    Image #2 from Anonyme
    Image #3 from Anonyme
  15. English

    Cindy R. (verified owner)

    caOntario, Canada

    Very sturdy and easy to use.

  16. French

    Marcellin Fregeau (verified owner)

  17. English

    Todd Hansen (verified owner)

  18. French

    Pierre Guernier (verified owner)

    Il faut très bien les serrer pour éviter qu’ils ne glissent.

  19. English

    Jordan Reimer (verified owner)

    These are great! I used them as corner connectors and they are a breeze to work with and create a strong connection.

  20. English

    Hélène Birade (verified owner)

  21. French

    Melanie Renaud (verified owner)

  22. English

    Dominique D. (verified owner)

    La base… achetez-en plus pour vos futurs projets !

  23. French

    Yves Bouchard (verified owner)

  24. English

    Klaas Hiemstra (verified owner)

    great product and on time delivery. i got these as additional pieces i needed. I sent photos and a note to Caroline last week. Let me know if u want me to send them again.

    • English

      Éric (store manager)

      Thank you so much for your feedback Klass! Yes, Caroline received the photo of your boat cover support. Such a great project and thanks for sharing!!

  25. English

    Dennis E. (verified owner)

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