33 DIY EMT conduit projects ideas

As we surf the web, we can see that DIY projects are gaining popularity in many spheres of everyday life. Thanks to the versatility and many possibilities provided by custom projects, they’re the perfect avenue for creative people looking for solutions or new projects!

tinktube connectors are fully compatible with 3/4″ EMT conduits as well as most of our accessories. Make sure to read our resource page on Building with EMT Conduit before getting started with your project!

1. An EMT conduit staircase ramp

You can design an EMT conduit staircase ramp. This raw component will add character to your décor. To complete this project, you’ll need a chrome-plated rounded joint set making a 90° angle, as well as a flat anchor joint set.

EMT conduit DIY project
Photo credits: mesyme

2. An EMT conduit clothing rack

Before you begin your spring cleaning and give away all your clothes, consider building a new storage space. This clothing rack has been designed with EMT conduits, pine boards, an extended pivot joint set as well as stem swivel casters with brakes.

Clothing rack EMT conduit
Photo credits: ryobitools.com

3. A custom-made, EMT conduit light fixture

The EMT conduit fixture is very minimalist, but above all very useful, and can be placed above a bedside table, in the bathroom or in the entryway. You will need EMT conduit, a light bulb, a soft rope, rounded connectors and a flat clamp joint set to attach it to the wall.

EMT conduit lamp
Photo credits: apartmenttherapy.com

4. An EMT conduit shower curtain rod

In this example, it is suggested to use EMT conduit, usually used in bathroom plumbing, to make a shower curtain rod. Our EMT conduit-compatible connectors and anchors are available on our online store.

Emt conduit DIY shower
Photo credits: mydomaine.com

5. An EMT conduit whiteboard

Home schooling has become a reality for many parents. Stimulate your children’s learning with a whiteboard upon which they can write. In addition to the EMT conduit and staples for the board, you’ll need our t-connectors.

EMT conduit DIY project
Photo credits: Mannamath

6. An EMT conduit paper towel holder

This paper towel holder can be mounted in the kitchen, garage or bathroom using a metal structural anchor. You can use EMT conduit which can be connected with our rounded connectors.

EMT conduit DIY project
Photo credits: homeyohmy.com

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black pipe DIY projects

7. An EMT conduit geodesic dome

This ambitious project is made with EMT conduit. This 24-foot dome can be built to store tools or materials, but it can also be used for glamping. You can build this dome from EMT conduit following the 18 steps shown here.

EMT conduit DIY project
Photo credits: instructables.com

8. EMT conduit garage ski rack

This will become a favorite place to store skis and snowboards in your garage. This storage system is made with EMT conduit and can be used to dry out sports equipment without cluttering your garage!

EMT conduit ski rack
Photo credits: www.rei.com

9. EMT conduit garden trellis

You can build a trellis for your tomatoes, cucumbers or any type of climbing plants. It’s as easy as pie! This EMT conduit project is compatible with tinktube elbow joints. You can use our wall anchors to attach the trellis to the wall or your garden furniture.

EMT conduit DIY project
Photo credit: dengarden.com

10. A custom EMT conduit coffee table

This coffee table has been designed to provide greater versatility to meet the needs of more people. It is mounted on a metal structure and can be adjusted to the desired height. Because T-connectors and EMT conduit are inexpensive, you’ll only have to pay a fraction of the cost of new furniture.

tinktube DIY coffee table

11. Custom skate rack

Do you have the kind of children who never miss a single hockey or figure skating practice? With this shelving, they can always store their skates in the same place. It’s ideal for drying sports equipment, and it can be built at low cost using EMT conduit and tinktube connectors.

DIY adjustable ice skate trainer

12. An EMT conduit clothes drying rack

This drying rack is perfect for laundry and can be built with tinktube tubes or EMT conduits. To assemble the tubes, you need to use T-connectors and chrome flat clamp joints. 

13. Sports equipment storage rack made with tubes

Whether you choose to build your project using tinktube tubes or EMT conduit, the result will be incredible. Our connectors are compatible with both types of tubes, and you can use wall anchors to complete this project. Your home gym will take on a whole new dimension. 

Gym wall-mounted rack
Gym wall-mounted rack

14. Metal conduit pot rack

This simple project will enable you to hang a host of kitchen accessories on metal hooks. You will need metal tubes and elbow joints. Use structural anchors to ensure your wall structure is solid and stable. 

DIY pots rack

15. EMT conduit shelving

You can find EMT conduit in any hardware store, and you can use it to build a low-cost shelving unit for your needs. If you need a plan to make this unit, you can use this one. 

EMT conduit DIY project
Photo credits: homedit.com

16. An EMT conduit blanket/towel ladder

EMT conduit can support small loads, such as towels. This ladder is an example of what you can create with this type of material. You can use plastic caps to cover the ends of the tubes.  

EMT conduit towel rack
Photo credits: shanty-2-chic.com

17. A custom plate rack

This custom-designed storage system can be used to display your most beautiful plates. This display’s dimensions y can be adjusted to your needs. You’ll need anchors and elbow joints to complete this easy project.

EMT conduit DIY project
Photo credits: shanty-2-chic.com

This system attaches to a wall in your home and can support picture frames of various sizes. In addition to the EMT conduit, you’ll need to purchase connectors that you will find on tinktube’s online store. This very artistic project is easily within reach!

EMT conduit DIY project
Photo credits: Pinterest

19. Metal conduit room divider plant hanger

Swedish giant Ikea is suggesting that its customers use its clothing racks on wheels to create a room divider! Several internet users came up with the idea to design a custom version. You can use simple EMT conduit and connectors to easily recreate this structure upon which to hang pretty plants, for example. 

EMT conduit DIY project
Photo credits: Ikea

20. A DIY side table for snacks

This side table is particularly useful when it comes to watching to a movie. It can be designed with EMT conduit and connectors. You can choose the height of your table and the size of your surface so that it is suitable for your home. 

EMT conduit DIY project
Photo credits: custommade.com

21. Industrial conduit bookshelf

This bookshelf is perfect for storing notebooks, novels or encyclopedias so that you can keep your home nice and tidy. To build it, you’ll need EMT conduit, 4-way cross joints, elbow joints and plastic caps. 

EMT conduit DIY project
Photo credit: virginiasweetpea.com

22. A tent structure

Do you have a few great ideas? Whether your dream camp is large or small, you can build it with stainless steel conduits. In fact, the entire structure can be built with EMT conduits. To attach the conduits, you’ll need black tinktube connectors.

photo credit: 50campfires.com 

23. Shelving for preserves

Are you the kind of person who delays everyone at the grocery store checkout with their coupons? Or maybe you believe that the end of the world is upon us? Either way, you’ll need lots of space to store your canned goods. This shelving will please all the Marie Kondos in the world. 
To complete this project you’ll need EMT conduit, wire shelving and tinktube connectors.

photo credit: pinterest.com

24. EMT conduit deck rails

This is the perfect summer project for you! For a fraction of the price, you can build your own deck rails using EMT conduit. Rather than drilling holes through the wooden uprights to insert the conduits, we suggest that you attach them using metal tinktube clamps
All the steps to build these EMT conduit deck rails are here.

photo credit: grandmashousediy.com

25. A DIY tomato trellis

This example is living proof that you can create a fun project that meets your needs by using EMT conduits and tinktube connectors.
All the steps to build a DIY tomato trellis out of conduits are here.

photo credit: chatfieldcourt.com

26. A custom urban chicken coop

Hens are now quite a common sight in suburban backyards! To be as comfortable in the city as in the countryside, urban hens need to live in a fairly large henhouse, which is neither damp nor messy.

You can build an outdoor enclosure yourself, which can meet the needs of the hens. You can do so with EMT conduit and tinktube connectors.
To learn all about building an urban chicken coop, visit the gouvernement du Québec website.

photo credit: pinterest.ca

27. An EMT conduit pergola

If you’re somewhat handy, you won’t need to pay hundreds of dollars to have a pergola in your backyard! With simple EMT conduits and tinktube connectors, you can build your own oasis of freshness.

photo credit: steigerbuis-online.nl

28. A custom-made outdoor bench

Be creative! Use EMT conduit to add an industrial touch to your outdoor furniture. To complete this project, you can get tinktube connectors, which are available in 20 styles for any type of project…even the craziest ones!

photo credit: steigerbuis-online.nl

29. A bicycle repair stand

This bike stand was designed for inflating tires or making small repairs. This simple but effective project is made from EMT conduit and connectors, which you can find on tinktube’s online store.
You can find all the steps required to build a bicycle repair stand here.

photo credit: instructables.com

30. An EMT conduit barrier

Although the original purpose of this project was to keep dogs from jumping over an existing fence, it can also prevent thieves from making themselves at home. This barrier can also be adapted for the fence around the pool to prevent children from climbing over it.
All the steps to make an EMT conduit barrier are here.

photo credit: instructables.com

31. DIY garage storage

This DIY storage idea is great for the garage or the basement, and will help you stay organized. Use our various connectors to attach the EMT conduit together.

Do you want to see more? Here are 21 ingenious DIY ideas for the garage.

photo credit: steigerbuis-online.nl

32. An EMT conduit curtain rod

You can use EMT conduit from any local hardware store to replace any curtain rod. You’ll need two t-shape connectors as well as two anchors to attach the rod to the wall.

photo credit: lynneknowlton.com

33. A shower curtain rod

You can build a curtain rod for your bathtub enclosure from EMT conduit, which will be attached with tinktube connectors. As each tub size is unique, the conduit can be cut with a pipe cutter.

photo credit: pinterest.com

Building with EMT Conduits: The Ultimate Resource Page

If you want to dig further and learn more about Building with EMT Conduits, we’ve put together a complete guide that’s going to help you get started on your build!


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