30 exciting DIY gaming desk ideas


1. Jonathan’s DIY gaming desk

Jonathan used galvanized tubes and black fittings to build his gaming desk. He created a sliding bottom surface and fixed his steering wheel to it, which makes it more ergonomic! He also planned spaces to place computers.

2. DIY gaming desk made to hold 3 screens

The monitor stand of this DIY gaming desk lets you fix 3 screens to it! A shelf was added on top of the station for extra storage space. Our tubetinker installed a bottom sliding surface for the keyboard, designed a left-side shelf to place the computer on, and a right-side shelf for extra storage space. This a great DIY gaming desk configuration!

If you’d like to build something similar, here are the parts you’ll need:

3. Ergonomic DIY mega desk

This ergonomic DIY mega desk made with pipes and fittings features an awesome angled surface big enough for screen and keyboard, a triple monitor setup with extra shelves which is great to fix a lamp, and a side shelf for the computer. Space is optimized and the station is perfect for hours of epic gaming!

DIY gaming desk

4. Custom double gaming desk

This double gaming desk has been specially designed to create two separate gaming spaces. A spot between the two desks has even been reserved to place a racing wheel! It was built with black tubes and connectors and a wooden surface was placed on top to complete it. Inspiring, isn’t it?

5. DIY computer desk with shelves

This computer desk has been designed with several shelves, providing plenty of storage. There is enough space to place the computer tower directly on the desk and thus have it within easy reach! No more bending over to start the computer!

DIY computer desk

6. Cody’s DIY gaming desk

This project built by Cody Wilmer is a great idea for a DIY gaming station and has lots of potentials! The screens are fixed to a structure that leaves room for new possibilities. Gamers could add some shelves, other monitors, or speakers to it. The bottom surface is big enough for the computer and other items that might be useful to keep close.

DIY gaming desk

7. DIY pipes and fittings desk with a built-in hammock chair

Cody Wilmer built this project for his girlfriend. He can be proud because it is absolutely unique! His DIY pipes and fittings desk with a built-in hammock chair is perfect for any type of use. He fixed a light wood surface to it and used the white tubes for a nice, clean look.

DIY pipes and fittings desk with a built-in hammock chair- DIY gaming desk idea

8. An efficient DIY gaming desk

This simple, yet efficient gaming desk is made of black tubes, black and chrome fittings, and wood surfaces for an industrial style. What’s great about DIY furniture made with pipes and fittings is that it can keep evolving over time. You can start with a simple design and add features to it, test out some options or even change the whole project, but use the same parts again and again! Check out this Pinterest board for inspiration.

9. Alex’s DIY desks and tables

Alex’s DIY desks and tables have three special features:

  • He painted the surface himself to reproduce a night sky with stars -awesome design-.
  • He designed a built-in, angled footrest to optimize the comfort of the desk;
  • The angled pipes fixed to the structure make the desk much sturdier.

10. DIY desk on wheels

Another great example of pipes and fittings DIY desks which can be great for office work or gaming :

DIY gaming desk
  • This standing desk is on wheels, so it can be moved around easily.
  • They’ve fixed a footrest to it.
  • There’s also a bottom sliding surface for the keyboard.
  • A vertical storage system is fixed to the side of the desk for paper or other office supplies.
  • They’ve fixed sneezeguards to it, to adapt the office workstation to COVID-19 protection guidelines.

11. DIY corner desk idea

Great for work or gaming, this DIY corner desk idea is completely build with pipes and fittings, and a wood or melamine surface.

DIY gaming desk

12. A DIY standing desk

Luke Kennedy’s original standing desk is great for both work or gaming. He thought of awesome features to add to his project:

  • He designed an optional shelving unit that can either be fixed to the wall or the desk.
  • He fixed casters to the desk so he could roll it outside and work from his patio.
  • A bottom sliding surface lets him save some space and work on an ergonomic station.
  • He designed a built-in USB charging station for the desk so he doesn’t have to unplug everything when he moves the desk!

13. A corner gaming desk

If one room in your home allows it, a corner desk can be a good choice… especially if you need an ergonomic space where you can mount multiple screens to play! Your gaming chair can slip into specific parts of the desk, depending on your screen set up.

Interested in building this gaming desk? Here is the free plan.

14. A desk for two-people gaming

At home, you might not be the only person who needs a functional workspace to play. This computer desk, fixed along the entire length of the wall, allows two people to play in the same room, at the same time, while having a space adapted to their respective needs. Thanks to the tubes and connectors, you can also add storage space to organize your important documents or games

DIY gaming desk for two-people

15. A shelf gaming desk

This computer desk is ideal for those who live in an apartment or those who have a small room dedicated to work. You just have to build a tablet a little wider than the others so that you can fit an ergonomic chair. Bonus: you can also use this gaming desk for storage, if necessary!

DIY mounted shelving unit -DIY gaming desk

16. A computer desk with a superimposed screen

With the help of tubes and tinktube connectors, you can imagine and create an extraordinary computer and gaming desk. If you are a multiple screens gamer, now you can build the desktop of your dreams!

DIY gaming desk with a superimposed screen

17. Gaming station with panoramic view

Is it possible to have too many screens? Apparently not, especially when it comes time to go head-to-head in a video game battle. This station provides a panoramic view of the game due to the installation of four screens.

This image shows a gaming station with panoramic view.
Photo credits: ThehOmeroute

This gamer made this custom-made gaming station with wire shelving, which you can find in any hardware store, as well as tubes and connectors, which you can find on our online store

18. IKEA-style gaming station

The very popular Swedish chain offers inexpensive gaming stations with a clean, simple design. If we told you that you can reproduce the same type of desk at a lower cost using our materials, would you be game to give it a try?

For a similar outcome, follow our recommendations: 

  • Get a sheet of plywood.
  • Cut the plywood to 63′ length and 31 1/2′ deep.
  • Get a 92’’ black tube.
  • Cut the black tube to the desired height (between 26’’ and 34’’) to make the legs.
  • Get two metal anchors to attach the legs underneath the table. 
  • Get two adjustable feet to attach the legs to the floor.  
  • Assemble the parts together. 

19. DIY gaming station

It’s solid! Nothing has been left to chance in this gaming station’s construction. This version is very stable and was made with galvanized tubes and various connectors. 

To meet his needs, the gamer added a tube frame above the station that supports the computer screen as well as the two speakers. This gaming station was attached to the floor using metal anchors

20. Raised desk with tubes

This gamer used galvanized tubes to create a gaming station. 

This image  shows a raised desk with tubes.
Photo credit: Nanoleaf

In this example, two filing cabinets serve to support for the desk. A wooden panel, attached to tubes, was added to create height. With the remaining tube scraps, two raised structures were built for the speakers.

21. DIY racing simulator

To experience thrills and spills in the comfort of your home, you need a racing simulator. You can build your own, following the instructions in the link below and obtaining the necessary materials here

This image shows a DIY racing simulator.
Photo credit: Instructables

22. Triple monitor stand

Not one or two, but three computer screens can be hung from this stand. To complete this project, this builder got a black tube, an anchor, a 3-way cross joint, two adjustable angle joints as well as six metal clamps

This image shows a triple monitor stand.
Photo credit: Hardforum

23. Tall Gaming Station

Our tubes and connectors can be used to hang computer screens at different heights. In the example, the gamer attached a 92’’ black tube to the floor to build his structure. 

This image shows a tall gaming station.
Photo credits: Reddit

24. Desk for multiple screens

This desk was designed for work, but it can also serve as an inspiration for playing video games. With two separate stands, the computer monitor and laptop are at eye level. You can use our tubes and connectors to build this simple project. 

This image shows a desk for multiple screens.
Photo credit: Brothertedd

25. DIY Racing Simulator Table

This image shows a DIY racing simulator table.

This racing simulator table is strong enough to support four computer screens. This gamer made his custom project using a sheet of plywood as well as white tubes and connectors.

This example can serve as an inspiration so that you can build a similar table, depending on the number of screens you have.

26. Large surface-area DIY desk

This desk can accommodate multiple gaming monitors due to its large surface. In addition, three shelves have been added to the desk to create storage spaces for speakers and/or gaming accessories. 

This image shows a Large surface-area DIY desk.
Photo credit: Pinterest

This tinktuber used black tubes and connectors for a sophisticated look. 

27. Complex DIY gaming station

This three-in-one station is great for enthusiasts to play video games, organize accessories and sleep! This structure can be built for a teenager’s room, with our tubes and our connectors. 

this  image shows a Complex DIY gaming station.
Photo credit: Xrockeruk.com

28. Floating table

This project is rather simple to complete. You can adapt the work surface according to the length and depth you desire.

This image shows a floating table.
Photo credit: Visual Hunt

Rather than attaching your table to 90-degree legs, we suggest you use our tubes and connectors this way. This will free up floor space for the game console. 

29. Custom gaming station

Custom-built for the gamer’s needs, this gaming station requires black tubes, connectors and anchors. This material is available on our online store

This image  shows a Custom gaming station.
Photo credit: Reddit

30. Multi-monitor gaming station

For a fraction of the price, you can replicate this desk with materials found on our online store. This multifunction table can be used to mount up to three computer monitors at varying heights. 

this image shows a multi monitor gaming station.
Photo credit: Wayfair

Adapt this project with the tinkpad!

Draw your project with this free printable tool which includes an isometric grid and our best tips to get started.

If you liked these DIY gaming desk ideas, you should also take a look at our Unique Industrial DIY Furniture Ideas with pipes and fittings.


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