Luke Kennedy’s DIY standing desk

DIY standing desk

Our DIYer’s challenges

Constantly adapting was a key element to the realization of his DIY desk, especially during the assembling process, when our tubetinker realized the angle joints were a little different than what he expected and they would not be able to serve the purpose he had intended! Having assembled most of the desk already, he was familiar enough with the materials to redesign around the obstacle, pleasantly resulting in a more minimalistic framework without sacrificing structural integrity. 

The perks of building your own DIY standing desk – Customizable hacks

To make the most out of his DIY work desk, Luke decided to fix a USB phone and computer charging station to it, wiring the cables through the pipes -a clever idea! -.

The charging station allows him to move the desk around easily without having to unplug his work tools every time.

Since Luke wanted to move the desk from his living room to his patio –outdoor workspaces are a thing, guys, and they are great for professional motivation!-, he fixed wheels to the desk.

Here is a video if you want to learn how to fix whels to a structure:

Bottom sliding surface

Luke created an optional shelf unit that can either be fixed to the wall or to the desk on.

Final result

Luke can now enjoy an optimized work desk adapted to his needs. Well done Luke!

Luke’s tips ?

  • Adaptation is key: when “DYI-ing”, keep in mind that adapting your methods will help you build the best version of your project!
  • Organization is -also- key: make sure all your project’s tools and components are easy to find once you start. You don’t want to spend all your time and energy searching for things once you’ve started your project!
  • Be creative: Creativity is what DIY projects are all about. Use your imagination to build something that’s really going to make a difference in your quality of life!

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