Van life: 97 Customs’ DIY Swivel Table

DIY van swivel table

Calvin’s advice

  • Before starting your project, make sure you have a good plan, all the parts and tools required, but keep an open mind. As tinktube products can be used in many ways, your project may evolve along the way. You might even want to design a new one!
  • If, during assembly, you notice that another connector would be more suitable, don’t hesitate to get it. The end result will only be better!

Do you have a van conversion project in mind?

van layout kitchenette

To help vanlifers in their van conversion ventures, we’ve prepared a guide where you’ll find useful information on all things van related!

Adapt this project with the tinkpad!

Draw your project with this free printable tool which includes an isometric grid and our best tips to get started.


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