Chicken Coop Plans

Chicken Coop DIY Plans

1. The parts you’ll need

Before you start building your project, make sure you get the following parts from your local merchants or online:

  • Nest boxes
  • Roofing panel
  • Exterior surfaces
  • Coop floor
  • Chicken wire

*Instead of buying surfaces, you may have some in your home that are no longer in use and could be given a second life: It’s better for the environment, and also a great way to save money!

DIY Chicken Coop Plan - Parts not included

And here is the list of tinktube parts to build the frame:

2. The cut list

To make your life easier, here’s the cut list to move forward in your chicken coop plans! This is where you’ll need a T-cutter, if you don’t already have one. And remember: everything is adjustable, so customize it however you need!

PipeQty.Length (inches)
A675 15/16 in
B273 1/8 in
C271 15/16 in
D367 15/16 in
E1543 15/16 in
F239 15/16 in
G233 1/4 in
H331 15/16 in
I930 5/8 in
J328 5/8 in
L527 15/16 in
M219 3/16 in
N215 3/8 in
O215 5/16 in
P79 7/16 in
Q38 3/8 in
R45 1/4 in

3. The build (the fun part)

Now that all the pipes are cut and you’ve gathered all the connectors, you’re ready to start building your project: here is step 3 of these chicken coop plans!

First, you’ll build the structure. After that, you’ll get to choose the surfaces you want to add to your DIY chicken coop. You’ll find great surface options at your local hardware store, like Home Depot or Ace!

Step 1

Chicken Coop DIY Plans - Step 1

Step 2

Chicken Coop DIY Plans - Step 2

Step 3

Chicken Coop DIY Plans - Step 3

Step 4

Chicken Coop DIY Plans - Step 4


Chicken Coop DIY Plans - Aerial view

Final result

Chicken Coop DIY Plans - ISO view

The tinktube joint sets are assembled with bolts that require one of the following tools -you might already have this at home-:

Tool nameNumberLink
Hex drill bit set (x5)T-BITBuy now
T handle wrenchT-HANDLEBuy now

4. You’re ready to welcome your hens!

Now, we hope you’ve thought about the names while you read these chicken coop plans because it’s time to bring your hens into their new home!


If you decide to build this project, we’d be absolutely thrilled to see some pictures! Please send us your pics at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to send you a 10% OFF promo code to thank you! 

This free plan includes all the instructions you need to build your project or adapt it however you want. You can then buy all the parts online, including the few tools you’ll need to cut the pipes and assemble the fittings. Let the fun begin!


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