Esteban’s DIY bike trainer

how to build your own bike trainor

What Esteban used to build the project:

Important: Some parts of this project are not sold on our online store. The build requires a pair of bike pegs that can be purchased online. To build our bike trainer, we ordered a pair for 3/8″ wheel axle (different bikes, different types: we recommend you verify which pegs suit your wheel).

DIY-bike trainer-purchase-bike-pegs-online

These items are also essential to build the project. They can easily be found at your local hardware store, or online:

DIY-bike trainer-purchase-parts-online

The rest of the parts can be bought on our online shop :


The cut list

Once you get all the parts, you’ll need to cut the tubes before building the project. Esteban used tinktube’s T-Cutter to cut the pipes.

Here’s the cut list:

Qty.Length (inch)Length (centimeter)
120″50.8 cm
117″43.18 cm
215 3/4″40.005 cm
212 1/2″31.75 cm
22 3/4″6.985 cm
22 1/26.35 cm
22 1/45.715 cm

The build (the fun part)

Once all the pipes were cut and he gathered all the connectors, Esteban built his DIY bike trainer!

FIY, the tinktube joint sets are assembled with bolts that require one of the following tools -you might also have this at home-:

Tool nameNumberLink
Hex drill bit set (x5)T-BITBuy now
T handle wrenchT-HANDLEBuy now

4. Now, time to work out and use this DIY bike trainer!

So here’s how Esteban built his DIY bike trainer! If you’re looking for more inspiration to work out at home, take a look at these other creative DIY gym project ideas. ??

Adapt this project with the tinkpad!

Draw your project with this free printable tool which includes an isometric grid and our best tips to get started.


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