Elaine and Karine’s vanlife, part II

DIY van bed frame

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After the drawers were installed, the frame was ready to welcome the slatted base they’d bought at Ikea and the mattress to go over it. And then, just like that, they were ready for their next road trip!

Using the frame as a bed or a sofa is now easy, thanks to the sliding section!

One last DIY drawer for the road

They also added a big drawer at the other end of the DIY pipe frame for more storage options. Easily accessible from the outside of the van, this drawer lets Karine and Elaine store even more hiking gear and other useful personal items!

Do you have a van conversion project in mind?

To help vanlifers in their van conversion ventures, we’ve prepared this guide where you’ll find useful information on all things van related!

example of van conversion

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