Anne-Gabrielle’s DIY home office

Anne-Gabrielle's home office

Cutting the tubes properly

Once the tubes were correctly measured, our DIY enthusiast could move on to cutting! tinktube tubes can be cut easily using a portable band saw or stationary band saw. Since Anne-Gabrielle didn’t have these kinds of tools at home, she opted to use a tube cutter with 1 blade, a very affordable tool at tinktube that does the job just as well.

tinktube - Pipe cutter with blade

As explained in this video tutorial, the tube cutter is easy to use:

She first inserted each of the tubes into the tool. Then she gently tightened the screw and made several turns around the tubes with the cutting tool. Every two or three turns, she tightened the screw a little more to cut the tube a little deeper. All in all, cutting all those tubes only took a few minutes, and a little elbow grease!

Assembling the frame

After cutting all the tubes to the correct length, it was now time for our tubetinkerer to join the tubes together using connectors.

Assembling Anne-Gabrielle's DIY home office

Tinktube connectors use an intuitive bolt-and-nut system to close. As shown in our video tutorial, Anne-Gabrielle used a 5mm Allen key to tighten each connector securely around the tubes.

A little trick to tell if the connectors are tight: you should be able to feel the thread of the bolt in the nut.

Attaching the surface

The frame of her workstation now finished, our handywoman just had to attach her wooden surfaces. Since tinktube products are compatible with many building materials, she was spoiled for choice.

Anne-Gabrielle opted for a wooden board from RONA. She painted it to her liking before attaching it to the rest of the structure.

The result: a superb functional home office that is solid and adapted to her needs

Anne-Gabrielle is very proud to have completed her DIY project using tinktube tubes and connectors. She now has a desk that is both compact and large enough to accommodate a laptop and a second screen. In addition, it’s sturdy and matches her decor. What more could you ask for?

DIY home office made with tubes and connectors

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