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1. DIY planter

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Marc used a dozen corner sets to build a custom planter and the result is impressive!

2. DIY kitchen island

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DIY Kitchen Island

4-way cross connector

The 4-way cross connector is most often used in the center of a structure to create an intersection with three 3/4″ EMT conduit tubes. 

How it’s used: to create a four-way intersection. This connector is ideal to strengthen the middle part of long structures.


1. DIY bed frame

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To build a bed structure similar to this one, 4-way connectors are needed to provide stability and durability.

2. DIY recycling module

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In this example, the corner and cross connectors make it possible to create a solid, squared structure.

3-way connector

The 3-way connector is used to create a perpendicular intersection between two EMT conduit, while offering foolproof strength. 

How it’s used: to create separations and intersections without weakening the rigidity of your project.


1. DIY wardrobe

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David needed 3-way connectors to create the perpendicular intersections for the shelves in his DIY wardrobe.

2. DIY book stand

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Although this structure can be adapted to your needs, you will need 3 sets of 3-way connectors if you follow this plan.

5-way cross connector

The 5-way cross connector is used to assemble tubes in the middle of the structure while strengthening it. 

How it’s used: to strengthen the structure in the middle part of a project where 5 tubes meet.


1. Dining table

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Claude needed several types of connectors, but the 5-way connector enabled him to create a junction point with the tubes in the structure’s center.

2. DIY kitchenette

Corner joint

The elbow joint helps add a curved aesthetic to a DIY project, thanks to the fixed 90° angle. It’s one of the big favorites for this reason!

How it’s used: to create a fixed 90° angle. Great for shelves and simple, square-shaped structures.


1. DIY shelf

zoom hj-90
Katia built a very simple DIY shelf, using two elbow joints and two metal structural anchors.

2. DIY vegetable trellis

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Ray wanted the vegetables in his garden to grow generously, which is why he designed a custom trellis with tinktube connectors and EMT conduit.


There’s no limit to what you can create with the T-shaped hinge, as it can rotate 360°. 

How it’s used: to create foldable doors and shelves and any type of hinge-like mechanism where motion is needed.


1. DIY dog park

zoom hj-12
You can provide a safe place for your animals thanks to this dog enclosure, built with removable hinges.

2. DIY towel rack

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By using T-shaped hinges, you can dry your towels at the angle you want!

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